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If you feel you would be a good fit in the ARCS team, we’d love to hear from you.


  • Location: India
  • Experience: 3+ years

We are currently seeking capable Web Designer with solid Graphics Designing skills to produce web page outlines and code landing pages and to manage content of website.

Candidate profile:

  • Ideal candidate must have more than a year of professional experience as a Frontend Web Designer, with a portfolio that demonstrates a solid understanding of current web standards, modern design principles, and frontend development capabilities.
  • Design work experience on enhancement of visual appeal, while staying within brand guidelines yet modern, responsive websites with thoughtful content architecture and navigation.
  • The ability to adapt designing style according to customer requirement.
  • Knowledge of graphic design for print is plus.
  • A detail-oriented developer who understand the importance of consistency in design, and who strives to reach a perfect balance of form and function are qualities we greatly value.
  • Must have proficiency with Microsoft Office and other common applications.
  • Self-motivated and self-disciplined when it comes to meeting deadlines in an autonomous working environment.
  • Active member of regular team meetings and collaborate often with other team members.
  • Advanced knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite, with expertise in Photoshop for creating web design mockups, material design/color concepts and compressing images for web browsers.
  • Experience with Adobe Illustrator and InDesign for creating and editing vector artwork, print collateral, and editorial designs.
  • Thorough understanding of HTML5 and CSS3, and ability to hand-code semantic frontend web pages to current web standards.
  • Understanding of JavaScript/jQuery principles and implementation. Advanced knowledge and direct JavaScript development skills are a plus.
  • Grid-based framework coding experience (Bootstrap expertise or experience are a plus).
  • Experience with CRM applications for creating landing pages and email template design.
  • Thorough understanding of responsive web design principles.
  • Icon Design & Graphics Design and knowledge in Material Design & Colour concepts.
  • Excellent skills in Modern Responsive Design and must have Basic Backend knowledge
  • Knowledge of SEO principles and ability to apply them effectively to web pages.
  • Videography and video editing skills 


  • As a Frontend Designer, you are adept at creating eye catchy web page layouts and producing the clean, semantic HTML/CSS/JavaScript code necessary to bring those designs to life.
  • Design forward-thinking mockups of landing pages and various other web pages, while maintaining our corporate brand.
  • Develop mockups into functional web pages and implement.
  • Design and development streamlined web page templates intended for re-use.
  • Update and manage landing page content, as needed. Make quick edits whenever applicable.
  • Design and develop/code marketing email templates and integrate into our mailing list application.
  • Design graphics and print-ready collateral to support marketing campaigns and our client events, including YouTube covers, flyers, brochures, and more.
  • Understanding of form processes, and proficiency in creating web forms and auto-responders.
  • Track and document your work, tasks, and progress within our collaboration application.
  • Clean, organized coding habits with intuitive formatting and correct syntax.
  • Ability to create organized and intuitive file and directory structuring and file naming, and ability to adhere to existing structures.
  • Organization of assigned project within project management system.
  • Create and maintain artwork, designing, templet database.

No current offers that fit your description?

No problem Have some Courage and Send us your Application via email. May be we can work together to find a position that fits you perfectly. Mail your profile to