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IT Health Check

How do you compare to other businesses?

Do you know how your business could enhance its IT support? Is your business exposed to cyber security threats? Do you have robust IT business continuity plans in place? Have you a full inventory of every IT asset, including devices, across your business? Just four of the questions your business needs to have answers for. Discover more by taking our IT Health Check and see how your business compares to your peers.

Current Concern & Issues
Bussiness Continuity

Does Your business have IT back up plans?.

IT Resourcing

Does Your business have IT people?.


Will your IT infrastructure meet future business needs?.

Device Security and Manitenance

Are all your Device Protected?

Compliance and Policies

Is your Business Compliant?

Cyber Security

Is your Business protected from cyber attack?

How Do You Perform Today

Choose all that apply below

Tell us About Your Bussiness

Tell us About Yourself

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Current Setup


Business continuity

  • Planning how your business would recover from a serious failure of IT systems should be a priority.
  • Planning how your business would recover from a serious IT incident, such as a hacking attack, should be high priority.
  • The absence of a documented and tested business continuity and disaster recovery plan puts your business at risk operationally and reputationally.

IT resourcing

  • The absence of an IT support helpdesk puts your business at risk and should be addressed as a priority.
  • Automation of IT tickets will save your business time. We can provide impartial advice on what systems are right for your business.
  • Where contractors are used their brief should include upskilling of existing teams to help mitigate cost and develop internal IT teams.
  • Unsupported IT systems and devices are a potential operational and security risk to your business. Consider how these can be upgraded cost effectively and/or phased out.
  • Ensuring the latest security patches and updates for all IT systems, networks and devices should be high priority.
  • An annual ICT budget is essential to support business growth
Device security and maintenance
  • Everyone in your business should understand how to recognise and avoid cyber security threats. A training programme with regular refresher courses should be a priority.
  • Consider if your business needs external advice to understand how to protect against data leakage.
  • Ensuring your business is protected from malware and ransomware attacks is a high priority.
Device security and maintenance
  • Your business may benefit from an independent assessment of how personal information is stored and managed.
  • Risk of non-compliance with the GDPR is a significant threat to your business incurring fines of 4% of annual turnover.
  • Your business should monitor regularly its compliance with the requirements of the GDPR and seek external advice if required.

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